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Please be sure and contact us if you have questions, doubts or concerns.   Many questions you may have now or in the future may be covered here.                        

HOLIDAYS and Employee Sick Days/Appointments

Please remember we are off the week of Thanksgiving and Christmas in exchange for not charging for 5 week months. You are billed the week of the 15th to the week prior to the 15th, based on the day your service is scheduled for. 

On some other holidays we give the employees the opportunity to be with their families as well as you with yours. We let them work the day ahead or behind. Holidays often include, Memorial Day, Labor Day, 4th of July are generally these dates. They also may have a sick day and the other techs routes may be full. You will be taken care of within the week. If you are concerned and have not yet heard from us, please contact us. 


Check for your time clock card that is in the timer box. On occasions the guys forget to fill this out but are supposed to for Jeff. It helps when another tech steps in so they can see what was done faster than researching the app or asking Jeff. If you ever notice it has not been filled out, please let us know. The pool app is done complimentary, it is not a requirement. I found it to assist Jeff in monitoring each pool an pool tech. He used to have the guys call and report each of these things per pool. This saves him time and gives him eyes on each pool. I decided at some point to add your emails and share it. Again, this is not added to your pricing or a requirement, it is as a courtesy to you. Sometimes, the app doesn't work. It's technology and that fails often. If you didn't get your report, still feel free to contact me, I should still get a copy or have a way to retrieve it if the app will let me. Otherwise, please check the time clock card. It's not as detailed but shows they were there.


Manufacturers recommend you clean your filter every 6 mths or when the pressure keeps going up even after we've back-washed it, under pristine conditions.  We will do this when that time is up. We do not give notice, it is done every 6 months. For your pool to circulate properly, this is required by us.  Each grid (if you have a DE filter) runs $40 not to mention the extra parts that may need replaced if you do not keep up with it. Also, not keeping up with filter cleaning leads to us of extra chemicals from a lack of circulation.
The cost of DE has recently doubled. Because of this, if your pool needs to be back-washed more than 10 lbs or 8 weeks, we have to add a charge for the extra DE. The best option. to protect your grids if this is happening, is to clean your filter or allow us to do it. 


Please remember to open the attached invoice on your monthly statements. This will allow you to see dates of service, and a reminder of what service you have chosen. Only full service customers have the debris removed from their pools.  Under the "Prices" tab, it goes into detail what each service includes. Also, see inclement weather information as well as pool report. Check the time the tech was there as well as weather info.  Leaves and debris fall as we are there at many pools. Fall is the worst time for this occurring. This is also why we enjoy sharing the weekly pool reports with attached photos. If you believe our tech did not clean your pool up to our standards, please contact us immediately with photos of the pool and message it to mirage4717@yahoo.comso we can observe it and possibly send the tech back per chance that was the case. Again, we can not control inclement weather that allows debris to be blown or dropped back into the pool and in that case, we do not send a tech back. Sloppy work is not allowed and we want to know immediately. A week or a day later are not sufficient as it can not be verified.


Please e-mail when needing to communicate when possible. Emails are used as work orders & are used for clarification of what you are needing. We often refer back to emails to make sure we are on track with what you have written. A lot of our time is driving. It is against the law to text and drive and not appropriate to text customers in another customers yard.  


We bill one month in advance. You are billed the week of the 15th to the week prior to the 15th, based on the day your service is scheduled for. If you are starting service after billing has already been sent out and started, your first invoice may have additional service weeks.  Invoice payments are due to Mirage Pools upon receipt of the invoice to the 15th of each month.  To avoid a $25 late fee, please inform us if you need to be late on a payment.  If you are on time and/or have sent payment, please disregard reminders. If you continue to get a reminder well after you sent payment, please contact us. If you paid through your bank, just because it came out of your bank, doesn't mean we have the payment yet.  They pull it out and then mail it to us. You may want to adjust your delivery date and send it a week early. Invoices generally go out the 22nd-30th. Tammy sends these out but this is around her schedule. She is a full time mother, grandmother and photographer that works from home and answers emails, calls and invoicing around that busy and blessed schedule. We are not a large company with a receptionist that stays at a desk able to respond immediately. If you have a pool emergency, please call Jeff at 817-715-0520 and leave a message if he does not answer.


Phosphates, stain and scale preventatives, clarifiers, water left running in pool watering chemicals down, leaks in the pool, filter cleans, and airborne mustard algae treatments, ducks leaving excrement & urine, wash ins and heavy rains diluting basic chemicals are not covered in your basic monthly service.  If you are in need of a filter clean and choose not to do it or allow us to do it, if it is blocking flow to the pool, this can lead to extra chemical cost. If your equipment isn't running properly or running at all, this can lead to extra chemical cost.  Also, see under each price for service and read the whole page. Remember to scroll down.


Did your water get too low?  Did you maintain your filter with regular cleanings every 6 mths or when the pressure goes up?  During the worst heat of the year, your pool should not lose more than 2 inches of water a week with evaporation and basic use. Non-repaired leaks may lead to cancellation of service. 


If it rains, sleets or snows, the equipment they carry for pools become lightning rods not to mention the slippery pool decks.  They will still come out if it rains or snows but they will just empty all baskets and the cleaner bag (if you have one) and put in chemicals. In ice, the net freezes as well as the deck becoming a hazard. 


We finish out the amount paid up to or discontinue service but do not offer refunds.  We do not require a yearly contract as many customers do, just the month in advance.  The turn around time on the sell of homes is lightning speed.  Many customers pass the extra service on to the next home owner as a courtesy or have them pay it back at closing. 

We do not offer seasonal service. We offer year around service. There are other companies that can accommodate that for you.